Friday, May 16, 2008

Stimulation Day 9

Went this morning at 7:30. Still the same 10 follicles but larger sizes. Left: 15,14,14,14,13. Right: 16,14,14,12,12. Estradiol was 2608. My follistim was lowered to 75iu for tonight.

I go in tomorrow for another ultrasound and blood test, and we may have to do our "trigger" shot tomorrow night. Won't know til tmw afternoon. If we trigger tomorrow then I'll have surgery Monday morning!


Trying4another said...

I'm rooting for you and wishing you a successful and plentiful retrieval!

Oana said...

Hi Lori,

How are you? I am at the beginning of the process with infertility and I want to know if you succed to get pregnant.
my e-mail address is

mydenverhomesearch said...

Hi Lori, just stumbled upon your blog when doing some research about my upcoming hysterosalpingogram.

I pray that you are with child now.

Feel free to email me at as we are just a year into our own journey.

renu said...

hi,lori,hope u r with d child now.i too had undergone 3 unsuccessful IVFsand in 4th attempt i aborted.planning 4 d next.