Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dilation is Over, Starting Stimulation Tomorrow

I drank half of a 64 oz bottle of gatorade this morning before my appointment, but it wasn't early enough, so I got reprimanded for not having a full bladder. When I go in for my actual embryo transfer I need to drink 8 oz of fluid every 30 minutes before my appointment. I'm going to burst!

I took half a xanax before my appointment, and the cervical dilation went fine. I was there about 30 minutes. He gave me a series of 3 lidocaine shots into my cervix to numb me, and then used a series of French dilation rods to slowly dilate my cervix. This is all going to help with the embryo transfer.

They did a blood test to make sure the Lupron was supressing my hormones, which it is. Starting tomorrow I will still take my Lupron in the morning, but I will also take Menopur in the morning, and Follistim at night. That makes a total of 3 shots per day in my belly!

The Menopur and Follistim will cause my eggs to grow. The Lupron will prevent me from ovulating on my own. Right now I have 11 egg follicles on my left ovary and 8 on my right. I don't really know if that number will increase or not, but the Dr. said 19 is PLENTY. Now we just need them to grow.

My belly is going to start growing, the Dr. says I will appear 3 months pregnant by the time they actually transfer my embryos back. I go in to the Dr. every couple of days now so they can check how fast the eggs are growing to make sure I don't hyperstimulate.

My next Dr. appt is on Saturday, for a blood test.

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